How to Find Affordable Expired Domains

Interested in buying expired domain names? Discover how you can find affordable expired domains!

Let’s face it – every day hundreds and hundreds of domains expire. The reasons for this are many. There are owners who don’t want to use that certain domain name anymore, there are owners who forget to renew the domain registration and etc. Regardless of the reason, once the domain expires it goes in the category – deleted domain name which means it is available again for purchase.

Among these hundreds and hundreds of domain names, there are some great domains that can be used to start an online business or can be sold for a profit. Either way, you can make money! The trick is to find these great expired domain names!

How to Find Expired Domain Names – Tips to Use

There isn’t a strict formula you can use when searching for affordable expired domain names. All you need to do is to be patient and look for a plenty of places from where you can purchase expired domains.

There are many domain name registrars that can provide you with affordable domains. The registrars usually charge a monthly or an annually fee for this type of service. Paying the monthly fee is a good option is you are not sure about a certain domain. For example, it is better to pay the monthly than the annually fee for a domain that you may or may not use.

You can easily find expired domains for under $9 to use for your website or to resell them later for a profit. Regardless of your plans, sticking to .com domain extension is a preferable option. When buying domains with .com domain extensions, the chances are higher you will sell that domain in the future when compared to other domain extensions.

One place to begin your search for affordable domain names is All you need to do is to enter the keywords you want to include in tour domain name and search through the list of deleted domains. You will see a list of domains that match your keyword. If you like you can click the option – advanced search and look for a more advanced (better) domain names alternatives.

Another excellent place to search for affordable expired domains is Again, enter the keywords and click on domain name search on the top menu. The system will present you a list of domains and a few options you can use to narrow down the search results. You can make your search more specific and find a domain name according to your needs and preferences.

Once you will find an affordable expired name you can register at either of the two sites we mentioned now or at any other domain registrar. Two popular domain registrars are and

A Final Word

This is how you can find expired domains names. It is not complicated, as a matter of fact, it is easier than you think.

Stay patient and we can guarantee you that you will be able to find cheap and great domain name!